Saturday, November 20, 2010

Installing GNS3 as a portable application (Portable GNS3)

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  1. Didn't work for me! Any suggestions please?

  2. be sure you have the 3 files residing on same directory with the dynamip executable..

    For Dynamips/GNS3 to work you need to install the following .dll file on its directory.
    - wpcap.dll - ( Extract file using 7-zip utility

    - packet.dll - ( Extract file using 7-zip utility

    - wanpacket.dll - (

  3. Hey i don't know if you can help me but i really really need to convert gns3 as a portable application. The problem is that when i go to it just bring me a .exe file and when i look to the winpcap installation folder, there is no packet.dll or wpcap.dll file. I was be able to find the winpcap.dll file on another website and i hope that will be the correct one but there is a lot of packet.dll files on the internet and it is imposible to know which is the correct one. As I can see you are the only person who discovered how to make this program portable so you are my only hope. thanks

  4. you could use any of them. but if you have installed winpcap on you system you could copy it.

    its located on the windows\system32 folder just use the search function of the windows to locate it

  5. Wow. I really appreciate your help. Thanks to you i will be able to take the ccna exam by december 2011. God bless you and your family forever. :D.

    P.S. Im darkhill. Sorry i'm anonymous but could not log on to blogger again dont know why.

  6. Works perfectly!


  7. Thank you man.. I've been searching for this solution for a longgggg time